Our People

Our People

2018 Employee of the Year

IMIC Hotels is proud to announce 2018's Employee of the Year: Mr. Tony Alexander with Lighthouse Marina!

“Tony is well known throughout Lighthouse Marina for his positive attitude and energy. He is always courteous and helpful to all customers, and very well respected because of the way he treats others. In fifteen summers as a forklift operator at Lighthouse Marina, Tony has impacted hundreds of people throughout the years here. Lighthouse Marina runs as smoothly as possible while on his watch. Tony loves people, works hard, and has never met a stranger. He will be the first to greet you and makes sure your time at the marina is an enjoyable experience. He knows all our customers by name and even their children's names. When you pull in the parking lot, he knows the customers vehicle and has their boat in the water before they can unload their vehicle and ask. With several hundred boats in dry storage that's impressive. He teaches novice customers about their boats and is a great wealth of knowledge to all when it comes to boating and fishing. He trains new forklift operators and dockhands to be the best at the position and make sure we have the best customer service possible. He is a great mentor to our younger staff. When the young dockhands go off to school and become young men, they always remember Tony's advice and keep in contact with him as the years go by. 
Last season Tony saved a 3-year-old boy from drowning by the boat ramp. The small child was near the water unsupervised and fell in the water. No one was around, but Tony heard the water splashing and ran over to see what the commotion was about. The child had fallen in the water. Tony rushed over and pulled the child out of the lake which saved him from drowning. 
I believe Tony shows all the characteristics you want in an employee and is a great asset for Lighthouse Marina and IMIC. His compassion, strong work ethic, and expertise shows why Lighthouse Marina is the Best Marina on Lake Murray.” 

Jason Lusk

General Manager - Lighthouse Marina


Employee Spotlight

Dorothy "Mama" Swinton

Director of First Impressions

2017 South Carolina Hospitality Association Hotel Front of the House Employee of the Year

“Recently we had 2 separate guests in different hospitals having surgery. Each had multiple rooms with family members. Mama made sure they left each day full on breakfast, even when they didn’t feel like eating. She telephoned family members to check on them. She visited the patients in the hospital on multiple days taking snacks, magazines and other things to occupy their time. She is the Shining STAR for those who are lost in despair. She is a breath of inspiration and a life-changing experience for anyone who crosses her path. She is the true symbol of southern hospitality.

Dorothy “Mama” Swinton is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I have never come across anyone who can touch peoples spirit the way she does. She talks to everyone and even introduces guests to other guests. She touches those here on vacation, business and those here for medical reasons. We don’t need to tell her there is an infant here for surgery because she somehow finds them first. She will follow that child and family to the hospital. She will visit them every day and pray with the parents. She will take them food and even a toy for the baby and ask nothing in return. In turn, they adopt her into their family sending cards and even returning for vacation just to be near her.

Mama touches souls like no one else can. Guests fall in love with her spirit and many keep in close contact with her years after they met. People send cards, pictures, and gifts to her each year. Many return on vacation and will stay at any hotel she works at just to be near her. Guests invite her to visit them at home and even ask her to go on their next vacation with them. And yes, she has gone to a few towns to stay with them!

If you ask Mama, “it’s all about the babies”. She is an active volunteer with the local Marriott Business Council representing 15 hotels with a focus on serving the community. One year Mama raised $5,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network. She participates in fundraisers for church and the Veterans. She is active in raising her grandson, teaching him how to love, respect and share what you have.”

John Boyd

General Manager - TownePlace Suites Mount Pleasant


Employee Milestones and Achievements

Amelia Island

Hampton Inn

July 15

Heather S.

20 years of service20


Hampton Inn

July 24

Vertrell K.

19 years of service


Quality Inn & Suites

July 20

Tomasena M.

11 years of service


Inn at USC

July 17

Claude B.

13 years of service


Room to Flourish and Excel

Our goal is to provide employees with experience for personal growth and career advancement. We promote and encourage natural ability from our team members. With many properties spread among multiple states in different markets, room for advancement and skill development opportunities are high and frequent.


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